A Look At Early Film Music: From Max Steiner to Bernard Herrmann

  James D’Arc and Jeff Lyon, Brigham Young University; Joshua Henry, Westminster Choir College

Over a 41-year career as a film curator at Brigham Young University, James D’Arc was instrumental in acquiring fascinating film collections for the Harold B. Lee Library. Over his career, he helped acquire the collections of Max Steiner, Hugo Friedhofer, Cecil B. DeMille, Howard Hawks, and Jimmy Stewart. D’Arc will speak about these collections, his involvement in acquiring them, and the BYU Film Music Archives series of Max Steiner studio recordings.

Two presentations about current research in film music will complement D’Arc’s presentation. Jeff Lyon of Brigham Young University will present on his current research in creating a thematic catalog through a corpus study of themes composed by Max Steiner. Lyon’s research will look at the greater than 300 film scores composed by Steiner. Joshua Henry of Westminster Choir College will present on the dichotomy between film music and concert music of Aaron Copland and Bernard Herrmann.

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