BEAM Them Together: Employing the Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method Model to Connect Research and Writing

  Rachel Scott, University of Memphis

Librarians cope with the frustration of having limited classroom time with music students and limitless learning goals. We struggle to address all faculty requests and also connect students to the underlying research theories and practices. BEAM (Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method) is “a rhetorical vocabulary for teaching research-based writing.” The BEAM model asks students to consider how they will use a given resource in the context of their project and to reflect on their specific information needs as they evaluate and select sources. This presentation will detail how librarians across disciplines have appropriated BEAM, explain how BEAM was incorporated into a music bibliography assignment, and discuss special considerations for music sources.


Bizup, Joseph. 2008. “BEAM: A Rhetorical Vocabulary for Teaching Research-Based Writing.” Rhetoric Review, 27(1): 72-86.

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