Rachel Wishkoski, Dylan Burns - Utah State University

This poster presents the process and outcomes of developing a new digital music program archive at Utah State University. Spearheaded by the music liaison librarian and the digital scholarship librarian, this collaborative project required balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders in creating a sustainable and usable collection within the existing Institutional Repository (IR). The primary goal of the archive is to preserve artifacts of student and faculty musical contributions to the scholarly and creative activity of the University, which will ultimately show larger trends in musical performances over time. This poster shares practical considerations and decisions in this process (e.g., design, scope, workflow, metadata, and overall organization), as well as the larger implications of the work. What does it mean that the fine and performing arts have been historically underrepresented in the Institutional Repository? How does the inclusion of music programs recognize students as creators and musical practices as knowledge practices? This project translates the ephemeral nature of musical performance into a tangible record of student and faculty achievement.

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