Cascadia Harmonizing: Local and Regional Music in Special Collections of the Pacific Northwest

  Ann Shaffer, University of Oregon; John Vallier, University of Washington; Stefan Hintersteininger, Canadian Music Centre (Vancouver)

While many may associate the Pacific Northwest with rugged natural scenery, strong coffee, or hipster quirk, it has supported a variety of vibrant musical communities over the past 150 years. The history of this rich musical life can be traced through material preserved in special collections focusing on Pacific Northwestern music of many genres.

The speakers in this session will highlight three diverse special collections that focus on music and musicians of the Pacific Northwest: the Oregon-centric songs within the Historic Sheet Music Collection at the University of Oregon; the University of Washington’s collection of local music recordings spanning popular, classical, and jazz performances; and the newly-acquired papers of Canadian composer Hubert Klyne Headley (1906-1996) at the Canadian Music Centre in Vancouver, BC. In addition to showcasing these collections, the speakers will also address issues and challenges with preservation, access, and user engagement with these collections.

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