Cataloging and Metadata Town Hall

  Tracey Snyder, Cornell University; Mary Huismann, St. Olaf College; Casey Mullin, Western Washington University; James Soe Nyun, University of California, San Diego; Damian Iseminger, Library of Congress; Kathy Glennan, University of Maryland, College Par

This session features updates and special topics in music cataloging and metadata as well as an open discussion period; it is a forum for sharing information on important topics that do not each require their own program sessions. Speakers will provide up-to-date information on changes to RDA (as well as LC-PCC Policy Statements and MLA Best Practices), LCGFT, LCMPT, MARC, and MDR (Music Discovery Requirements). Special topics for discussion this year include the newly published version of the IFLA LRM (Library Reference Model), the Library of Congress pilot of BIBFRAME 2.0, and the latest work on the PMO (Performed Music Ontology) as part of the LD4P (Linked Data for Production) project. This session is designated in the MLA Convention Manual.

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