Changes in Latitude: Exploring Career Transitions from Public to University Libraries (and Vice Versa)

  Elizabeth Hille Cribbs, Kansas City Public Library; Alyssa G. Resnick, University of Southern California; Marci Cohen, Boston University; Laurie Bailey, San Diego Public Library

This proposed session will take the form of short presentations and/or a panel discussion and will delve into the topic of job transitions between academic and public libraries (or special libraries). We plan to explore the topic of job switches going in any direction, and the panel will discuss similarities in the jobs, differences in the jobs, challenges, myths, etc.

Speakers include Alyssa Resnick, who is on the MLA Public Libraries Committee and recently changed jobs from a public library administrator position to a head academic librarian position, and can give a management perspective; Elizabeth Cribbs, who switched from an academic technical services position to a public libraries technical services position, and can also give a section-level management perspective. Finally, Marci Cohen, who switched from being a multimedia librarian in a public library to a university library public services/reference positions and who had a career in music journalism before her tenure as a music librarian. We plan to allow time for each speaker to speak about their experiences, while reserving time from audience members for Q&As.

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