Diversity, Feminism, and the Arts: A Wikipedia-Based Course and Learning Project

  Angela Pratesi, University of Northern Iowa

Inspired by Art+Feminism, a “campaign to improve coverage on feminism and the arts on Wikipedia,” and seeing a need to increase diversity and information literacy in the University curriculum, the Rod Library is coordinating a year-long effort to research and share knowledge about women and minorities in the arts. First, the Library is offering its first three-credit course: Creating Wikipedia for the Arts. Using Wikipedia as a vehicle for developing information literacy skills, the course is writing intensive and diversity focused. Using the ALA Information Literacy Framework as a structure for the course, each unit centers on a frame.

Second, in conjunction with this credit course, professors in arts departments are including projects in their Fall and Spring semester courses that will lead up to an Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. The students in the Library course will provide Wikipedia expertise for participants, who will share their knowledge. This effort will serve as part of Art+Feminism’s larger effort to increase the diversity of editors and content on Wikipedia.

This presentation will explain this multifaceted project, including how the library will partner with faculty from different disciplines to coordinate similar projects. It will also outline how the Library course will support the year-long project, while also developing meaningful knowledge and teaching transferable skills for students in diversity, technology, information literacy, and communication.

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