Diversity & Inclusion through the Lens of Critical Librarianship

  Joy M. Doan, Northwestern University; Susannah Cleveland, Bowling Green State University; Ann Shaffer, University of Oregon; Annie Downey, Reed College; Michael Colby, University of California, Davis

Critical librarianship (CritLib) impacts more than information literacy instruction; it extends to a multitude of areas that intersect with LIS, including social justice, queer studies and critical race theory. Using the framework of critical librarianship, this townhall/panel session will focus on the intersectionality and the institutional power dynamic(s) of diversity and inclusion in MLA and the field of music LIS.

This session aims to provide an ideal and safe space in which to discuss pertinent questions and/or professional tandems in our ever-changing field, such as:

  1. In what ways do diversity and inclusion impact librarian identity?
  2. How do we define, or build consensus around conversations of inclusion and scholarship?
  3. Do issues of double consciousness persist for diverse colleagues within our field?
  4. How do conversations about diversity and inclusion impact librarians objectives for roles such as instruction and technical services?
  5. How do discussions of CritLib intersect with the mission and current strategic plan of MLA and the charges of its Committees?

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