Joy Doan, Northwestern University

Music libraries rarely operate in a vacuum. They are part of a consortium of libraries and/or departments that work together on research projects, outreach programs and the cataloging of materials. Historically, records have been created by libraries to enable users to identify and access material in their collection. These records have then be shared, typically via OCLC, between libraries. This reduces the amount of original cataloging required by each individual library. While there are long-standing conventions for describing or cataloging resources in libraries (e.g., MARC21, AACRII), the shift to RDA has allowed resources (e.g., scores) to be cataloged and accessed using the functional requirements for bibliographic entry (FRBR). FRBR allows for easier user access to materials. Yet, many Public Services Music Librarians are perhaps unfamiliar with FRBR and its use in RDA. Furthermore, they may not know how to readily describe FRBR to their users and teach users how to use FRBR principles to best search the OPAC. This poster provides Public Services Music Librarians with background knowledge of FRBR, how to begin conversations and recommend search strategies based on FRBR to users.

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