Anne Shelley, Illinois State University

The only library on campus, Illinois State University’s Milner Library houses all circulating collections that support university research, teaching, and learning. This centralized setup can prove challenging for subject librarians who want to provide outreach services and increase faculty and student engagement with the collection and reference services. Starting in Fall 2016, several liaison librarians took library services “on the road” to different locations on campus using an outreach method called a pop-up library, a mobile reference and circulation service that conveniently brings librarians to users. With a particular focus on the experiences of a music librarian at a mid-sized university, this poster will provide an introduction to pop-up libraries, cover best practices for starting a pop-up library, discuss benefits and challenges of the service, suggest strategies for success (choosing times and locations, outfitting the cart, promoting the visits, etc.), and discuss assessing the effectiveness of the service.

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