“Squiggly lines:” information literacy, music librarian/performers, and practicing what we preach

  Tom Bickley, California State University East Bay; Anne Rhodes, Yale University; Jonathan Manton, Yale University; Chris Schiff, Bates College

Many music librarians participate in professional and amateur music making. We face similar performance practice/interpretive issues as do our music library users. This panel discussion focuses on application of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy to performance practice in experimental music. Four music librarians with significant academic and applied expertise in performing experimental music describe their individual and collective processes in developing a performance of one page from Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise, a graphic score published in 1967.

Panelists will describe processes, resources, challenges and discoveries, with special consideration for the analogous experiences of music library users. The session includes a 10 minute live quartet performance of the page from Treatise.

Conference Materials available: https://hcommons.org/deposits/item/hc:19657
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