What to Expect When You’re Analyzing, Transforming, and Inputting: A Linked Data Guide

  Richard Smiraglia, University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee; Tracey Snyder, Cornell University; Nancy Lorimer, Stanford University

Many in the library world and beyond are continuing to investigate the potential of Linked Data to enhance the experience of researchers and metadata creators. In this session, a leading figure in the field of knowledge organization will discuss a project to analyze terms used to classify scores in a database of Renaissance polyphony and map them to Linked Data vocabularies; a library metadata director will share recommendations from the PCC (Program for Cooperative Cataloging) for transforming existing library data by enhancing access points with URIs; and, a catalog librarian at an institution participating in the LD4P (Linked Data for Production) initiative will talk about a tool designed for inputting native Linked Data for a collection of LP records with historical significance in the development of hip hop.

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