A Joint Meeting of the Music Library Association and the Theatre Library Association, Online, March 1-5, 2021

In Person vs. Online

…or how to MLA/TLA in 2021.

Conference Schedule

The conference schedule has been broken out in order to better accommodate time zones and to allow for greater attendance of both sessions and meetings. Here is how the conference is structured throughout the month of March.

Week One: March 1-5
Plenary Sessions; Conference Sessions; Poster Sessions; Get Involved; Exhibits; Coffee Breaks; MLA Business Meeting
Week Two: March 8-11
Interest Groups
Week Three and Four: March 15-19 and March 22-26
Business Meetings

Chapters are not meeting as part of the core MLA/TLA program. Chapters may elect to schedule a meeting coinciding with MLA/TLA, but that meeting will be setup independently of the core program and will not be listed in Sched or in the pdf program.