A Joint Meeting of the Music Library Association and the Theatre Library Association, Online, March 1-5, 2021

Pre-conference: Call for Proposals

The Education Committee Working Group on Pre-conference Workshops welcomes proposals for the 2020 Norfolk meeting. These workshops are open to MLA members and non-members and are opportunities of continuing education and professional development for librarians, paraprofessionals, and students in music librarianship.

Pertinent information for crafting your submission is available below. Please read and follow these guidelines carefully!

Proposal Writing Tools

A budget template and sample proposal are included for your use and guidance. 

A drafting document is also available. This document is built from the proposal form and will allow your planning team to write their proposal without having to preview the form and extract the field information.

Proposal Deadline and Contact Information

The proposal submission deadline is JUNE 14, 2019.
If you have questions about the proposal process or pre-conference planning, please contact Kristi Bergland or Laura Williams.