Pre-conference: Up-to-Date on Music Binding and Preservation

February 20, 2019

Union Station Hilton, St. Louis, MO (Google Maps)

Room: TBD

Alice Carli will lead a full-day small group workshop on Binding and Preservation. She will demonstrate a number of binding and conservation techniques and there will be an extensive Q&A session. Carli is updating the MLA Basic Manual on Binding and Preservation and this workshop will also serve as a focus group on what is (or is not!) most useful for staff across the spectrum of music libraries.

Participants will receive a packet of samples of materials (board, thread, paper etc.) Carli uses, and will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, describe both pet problems and what “works for you,” and let her know directly what they would like to see in the revised manual.

Registration is $18.


To reserve a space, please contact Alice Carli. Maximum number of participants is 15.

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